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Always do the right thing - Check In!

Check in and help keep everyone safe

Please remember to use the QR codes located at each entry door, it only takes a few minutes of your time! By providing your name and contact details at every location, this will help make contact tracing quicker and more efficient.

No phone? No problem

If you don’t have a phone, or you’re unable to use yours for some reason, the venue can record your details on their own electronic system.

If there is no way to record your details electronically, such as if the internet is not available, the venue can still record your contact details on paper. They must transfer the details to an electronic system as soon as possible.

Venues must delete all records (electronic and paper) after 28 days if not required for contact tracing.

Checking in for someone else

If you are with anyone who is unable to check in themselves, due to age, disability or language barriers, you can check in on their behalf using either:

  • the ‘Dependants’ option on the Service NSW app

  • the alternative check-in option provided by the venue.

Check out

If you have checked in using the Service NSW app, you can check out at the end of your visit.

Checking out at the end of your visit can help improve the accuracy of contact tracing.

However, you do not have to check out.

Thank you for your continued cooperation

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