Butcher with Beef

Tablelands Premier Meats

The Farmers Own Meat Market - From Our Place to Yours

Summer Centre is home to the retail butchery of Tablelands Premier Meats - an 'on-farm' fully licenced abattoir and meat processor, located near Canowindra in Central West NSW Australia. All our fresh meat produce is processed through our own chemical free abattoir and where possible sourced from our own farm.


  • Meat Master Dorper lamb, farmed boer goat; large white pig, Angus beef, meat chickens, ducks, turkeys, quails, spatchcock.

  • Gluten free sausages

  • Fresh offal- such as lambs fry, lamb kidneys, other lamb offal; beef offal; chicken liver, chicken frame and many more......

  • Soup bones or bones and mince suitable for dogs...

  • We also carry kangaroo rump; emu fillet; crocodile meat.....

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